How I got interested in massage….

At age 17, I joined a meditation and prayer group where I first learned about spiritual healing and the connection of mind /body healing.

A physician in the meditation group encouraged me to go and study with Dr Harold Reilly, founder of Reilly Health Institute in New York City. Dr Reilly accepted me as a private student and I lived with him and his assistant for one month. For my instruction and training, I gave him a massage every day while being taught the use of the Edgar Cayce healing remedies. By the time I returned home, I knew massage would be my life’s work.

2 responses to “How I got interested in massage….

  1. I went to high school with Jeanne Miller and can verify Jeanne is the real deal, she’s dedicated & a most genuine healer / massage therapist. Jeanne has inspired many including me to be more aware of the many blessings life has to share. Jeanne’s interest in Edgar Cayce procedures and techniques, her spiritual awareness and the care she shows through her work is a real gift to her friends and clients. I’ve met many spiritual healers & Jeanne is right up there with the very best of the best on the planet.

  2. had no idea you read Edgar Cayce – like me – should have known that haha
    you are amazing

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