Until you make your unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life, and control your fate.    – Carl Jung

I had my first breathwork session in the mid 80’s. At that time, the process I learned was called rebirthing. It was very powerful and had the potential to be an experience that would produce lasting results. I took many workshops as a student while learning how to lead others.

The purpose of breathwork is to allow suppressed feelings to come back into awareness where we can make peace with them. This is especially useful when we are feeling “stuck” in negative states of mind. Another benefit is to help people feel their intuitive gut feelings. Decisions are always in our best interest when we listen to ourselves. Sometimes ‘stuck’ issues can be from last week or from childhood. Breathwork produces an altered state of consciousness that allows one to experience their divinity and inherent goodness.

Sessions are done lying down comfortably while being instructed in various patterns of breathing. This usually takes about two hours. After a session, my clients feel calm, relaxed and with new awareness.

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