How Can I Help? –Ram Dass  & Paul Gorman
This was my first “bible” on what really helps to relieve suffering.
 The Course In Miracle–Scribed by Helen Schucman
For me, this is THE best book on spiritual psychology. It has changed my life and contains text, a workbook, and a manual for teachers.
Ending Our Resistance To Love –Kenneth Wapnick, Phd.
Known as the leading expert on ACIM, this is my favorite short introduction to the Course.
A Thousand Names For Joy –Byron Katie
She developed the widely used therapy known as “The Work”.
The Miracle Of Change –Marianne Williamson
A leading spiritual teacher, Ms. Williamson is funny, wise and easy to read.
Dialogues In Meta-Psychiatry –Dr. Thomas Hora, Phd.
Dr. Hora is In a class by himself.


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