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May I become the medicine for those who are sick, a partner for those who are lonely, a bridge for those who need to cross over, a light for those who are blind. For as long as space endures, may I work for the benefit of all living beings.    – H.H. Dalai Lama


Growing up in the years of the polio epidemic, I was very impressed with the physical therapists teaching those afflicted to recover. At age 13, my father began working at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.  Understanding my interest, he found me a volunteer position at Drake Hospital. I was a “candy striper” which meant I went around serving the needs of patients in a pink striped uniform. My duties consisted of bringing patients water, arranging flowers, cleaning up their rooms, and just being a friendly face. I loved it!

Even more important was the beginning of my own recovery from growing up in an abusive family. I realized that I could not help another person when I had an issue yet to resolve.  I began my own inner healing with psychotherapy in 1980. I believe that psychotherapy has given my spiritual life “legs of steel”. I continue my own work with psychotherapy to this day.

2 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Jeannie any chance you take Saturday appointments? I’m Fran Turner’s daughter if that helps!!

  2. Zelma J. Schulman


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